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Bulleted lists add a touch of organization to the appearance of your document. Word has a built-in feature that automatically formats bulleted lists for you, or you can format them manually. Learn the different ways to approach creating and formatting a bulleted list with the following articles.

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   Applying Bullets from the Keyboard
Most people use the tools on the Home tab of the ribbon to apply bullets to paragraphs. If you want to apply them using the keyboard, then you can do so with a bit of preparation.

   Changing the Bullet Type
When you apply bullet formatting to paragraphs, Word allows you to choose from a variety of different bullets. If you want, you can switch between those different bullet types, or you can define your own bullets. This tip shows you how.

   Finding Formatted Bulleted Paragraphs
Want to find the bulleted paragraphs within a large document? Word doesn't have a built-in way to search for this formatting. There is, however, a way to get the information you need. This tip explains how to go about it.

   Leaving Bullet Point Items Lowercase
When typing a bulleted list, Word seems to automatically make the first letter of each item in the list uppercase. The actual behavior of Word is more complex, and understanding that behavior can help make creating bulleted lists easier.

   Problems Using Words as Bullets
If you know the secret, you can use actual words as "bullets" in a bulleted list. The built-in bulleted lists in Word aren't the way to achieve what you want to do, and this tip explains why. It also provides a macro that you can use to apply the formatting you want to the list.

   Strange Tab Settings in Bulleted Items
Getting bulleted lists to look just right can be challenging, particularly if you are using the Bullet tool on the Home tab of the ribbon. Here's a quick discussion about why this is and what you can do about it.

   Stubborn Highlighting
When you make extensive edits to a document and those edits include changing the formatting of numbered or bulleted lists, you can end up with some strange (and stubborn) results. Here's a look at the problem and how you can regain control of your list formatting.

   Turning Off Automatic Bulleted Lists
As you are typing away on a document, you may notice that Word automatically formats bulleted lists (or what it thinks are bulleted lists) for you. If you don't like this second-guessing, you can turn off the formatting feature.

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