Word includes a few tools for creating references in your documents, which are extremely useful for scholarly or technical works. You can insert footnotes, endnotes, cross-references, captions, and more. Explore the articles in each topic to learn how to use references in your Word documents effectively.

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   Controlling the Format of Cross-References
When you use fields to add cross-references to tables or figures, Word normally takes care of formatting the words used in the cross-reference. Here's a couple of ways that you can exercise tighter control over the way the cross-references appear.

   Finding Cross-References to Specific Bookmarks
Word allows you to create a cross-reference to several different types of content in your documents. For instance, you can create a cross-reference to bookmarked text. If you later want to delete that bookmarked text, you may not remember if you previously created a cross-reference to it. The ideas in this tip will help you find out if such cross-references exist.

   Referencing a Page Number In Another Document
Page references are a common element of many documents. If you need to have a page reference to a page in a different document, then you may be at a loss as to how to create it. Here's how.

   Setting Defaults in the Cross-reference Dialog Box
Some types of documents rely on cross-references quite a bit. Setting up the Cross-reference dialog box the first time in each Word session can be bothersome after a while. This tip explains how you can bypass the dialog-box altogether and simply input the fields on which cross-references are based.

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