Printing the Navigation Pane

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated November 29, 2019)


Ben likes using the Navigation pane in Word. He wonders if there is a way to print the contents (and just the contents) of the Navigation pane.

There is no built-in method to do this in Word. The best you can do is to use a screen-capture utility to grab an image of the screen which you can later print. Of course, if your document is long and the wording in the Navigation pane scrolls beyond the bottom of the screen, you'll want to make sure that the screen-capture utility you select can handle scrolling windows. (There are many that can do this, such as SnagIt from Techsmith.)

There is one other approach, and its acceptability depends on why you wanted to print the Navigation pane in the first place. If your desire was to simply get a printout of the outline of your document, there are better ways to do that. Most notably you can display the outline on screen (click the Outline View icon on the status bar), adjust the display so that whatever headings you want are displayed, and then print. You end up with an outline that has the same content that was in the Navigation pane, even if it is not formatted the same way as it would have been in the Navigation pane.

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What is one more than 1?

2017-10-03 08:14:28


you're a genius! thanks!!!

2017-03-10 13:29:50


I am searching a document for a list of tables (ones that start with dbo.) I can see a list of the results in the Navigation pane with dbo. followed by the actual table name. I want to copy those results (not screen capture) and put them in another document. Is this possible? I can't seem to copy the highlighted results in the actual word document since it only highlights the words "dbo.". I need what follows the period as well.

2016-05-31 09:01:13

Jennifer Thomas

Lois, if you are referring to the style area (the part at left in Draft and Outline views which shows the paragraph style assigned to the first character of each paragraph), that may be your confusion. The Navigation pane is different as it will only show heading styles (paragraph styles with an Outline Level assigned to anything except 'Body Text').

As pointed out in several answers, if you want a list of titles for non-Heading paragraphs, you'll need to use the Table of Contents tool and customize it to include only the styles of interest.

2016-05-27 10:27:06

Lois Power

I don't get this one. I can put the document in Outline view but it does not print the left side style pane. Not sure what this tip is about.

2013-10-08 08:24:33

Bonnie Granat

That is a big selling point! I have created my own toolbar on the quick toolbar or whatever they call it just above the document window and below the ribbon, so I don't even use the menus that much. Thanks for the additional information. I'm wondering if I should just upgrade to Office 2013 or wait for the next version to come out.

2013-10-08 06:51:26


Hi, Bonnie. Microsoft says the tools are grouped together in a related and logical manner but their logic isn't the same as mine, so I can see your point. Office 2010 made it possible to create my own tool ribbon so all of the tools I use many times a day are now on my own ribbon. I don't have to depend on MS to think for me nor do I have to figure out what MS was thinking.

2013-10-08 05:58:20

David B

Thanks, Jennifer. That works a treat!

2013-10-07 15:57:37

Cliff B

If it is the Navigation pane outline you wish to print then just generate a Table of Contents (References >> Table of Contents >> Insert Table of Contents then print that page. You can put it at the end of the document and then delete it later. The Nav pane is normally based on the Stiles for Heads 1, 2 & 3 but it is customizable.

2013-10-07 09:57:08

Bonnie Granat


Thank you for your comment and for your answer about the Navigation pane. I kind of use both of them at once; I don't just use the 2003 GUI. In fact, I use the 2007 GUI more than the other one. But when I purchased Word 2007 I really didn't want to spend the time learning it and just left it on there.

I suppose I could take it off, and I've considered doing that but haven't had a reason to do so. For some things, the menu is still the easiest way for me to find things.

I found the way that Word 2007 groups things to be non-intuitive, and I really didn't have the time to keep searching for thing I needed to use.

2013-10-07 08:46:49

Jennifer Thomas

David B - I've seen that issue of Outline view not printing the levels you choose -- here is a macro to overcome that (just enter the levels you want at the prompt).

Sub PrintOutlineView() '
Dim LVL As Long

LVL = InputBox("Enter Outline Level as a Number", "How many levels?")

ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdOutlineView
ActiveWindow.View.ShowHeading (LVL)
End Sub

2013-10-06 12:32:24


Bonnie, the Document Map is the equivalent of the Navigation Pane. But, I have to ask why you continue to work with the Word 2003 GUI in Word 2007. I encourage you to try the Word 2007 GUI and to stay with it. The learning curve isn't so bad once you get the hang of it. I, frankly, would not go back to Office 2003 for anything. I have just installed Office 2013 and am learning a few new tricks.

2013-10-06 08:53:08

Bonnie Granat

Thanks, Michael, but I do not see the word "Navigation" on the View ribbon. I see Document Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window and Macros. None of the choices under those headings are Navigation. I'm using Word 2007 with the add-on that gives me Word 2003 GUI. I use both. Under what heading is Navigation on the View ribbon? Is it possible I'm not seeing the whole ribbon? I have a feeling he means Document Map, though. Did they rename it for Word 2010?

2013-10-06 02:21:19

David B

When I followed these instructions, the entire doc printed out, not just the Outline as displayed onscreen.

2013-10-06 01:57:30

Michael Berman

Bonnie - you can find the Navigation Pane checkbox on the View ribbon.

2013-10-05 08:59:25

Bonnie Granat

Okay, you must mean the Document Map. Is that right? Thanks.

2013-10-05 08:55:04

Bonnie Granat

I'm having trouble finding the Navigation pane. How do I get to it? Thanks.

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