Getting Help Offline

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated August 4, 2014)


Ben noted that Word doesn't seem to have a built-in, offline Help capability anymore, as it did in earlier versions of the program. When he attempts to get help, all inquiries seem to have to be online. He wonders if he is missing something in his installation of Word.

Actually, Word has both online and offline help capabilities. The default settings for Word, however, always use the online capabilities in preference to the offline ones. To change the settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press F1. Word displays the Word Help dialog box. (See Figure 1.)
  2. Figure 1. The Word Help dialog box.

  3. Click the Connected to Office Online wording at the bottom-right of the status bar.
  4. Click Show Content Only From this Computer. The status bar changes to Offline.
  5. Use the Help system, as desired.

If, for some reason, you still cannot access the Help system on your local system (without going online), then you may need to reinstall Word or repair your installation of Word.

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What is 6 - 0?

2017-09-06 13:29:51



Sub TransferToExcel()

'Transfer a single record from the form fields to an Excel workbook.

Dim doc As Document

Dim strRegistration As String

Dim strSession As String

Dim strCode As String

Dim strName As String

Dim strIndex As String

Dim strEmail As String

Dim strDateofBirth As String

Dim strCoursetobe As String

Dim strDateofRegister As String

Dim strSQL As String

Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection

'Get data.

Set doc = ThisDocument

On Error GoTo ErrHandler

strRegistration = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtRegistration").Result & Chr(39)

strSession = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtSession").Result & Chr(39)

strCode = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtCode").Result & Chr(39)

strName = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtName").Result & Chr(39)

strIndex = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtIndex").Result & Chr(39)

strEmail = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtEmail").Result & Chr(39)

strDateofBirth = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtDateofBirth").Result & Chr(39)

strCoursetobe = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtCoursetobe").Result & Chr(39)

strDateofRegister = Chr(39) & doc.FormFields("txtDateofRegister").Result & Chr(39)

'Define sql string used to insert each record in the destination workbook.

'Don't omit the $ in the sheet identifier.

strSQL = "INSERT INTO [Doc2$]" _

& " (Registration, Session, Code, Name, Index, Email, DateofBirth, Coursetobe, DateofRegister)"

& " VALUES (" _

& strRegistration & ", " _

& strSession & ", " _

& strCode & ", " _

& strName & ", " _

& strIndex & ", " _

& strEmail & ", " _

& strDateofBirth & ", " _

& strCoursetobe & ", " _

& strDateofRegister & ", " _

& ")"

Debug.Print strSQL

'Define connection string and open connection to destination workbook file.

Set cnn = New ADODB.Connection

With cnn

.Provider = "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0"

.ConnectionString = "Data Source=F:\Sales.xlsx;" & _

"Extended Properties=Excel 8.0;"


'Transfer data.

.Execute strSQL

End With

Set doc = Nothing

Set cnn = Nothing

Exit Sub


MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description, _

vbOKOnly , "Error"

On Error GoTo 0

On Error Resume Next


Set doc = Nothing

Set cnn = Nothing

End Sub

2014-08-04 10:37:20


Thank you very much, Janet, great.


2014-08-04 10:33:47

Janet Hall

Offline Help for 2013: Press F1. Click the down arrow in the upper left corner of the dialog box to the right of the words "Word Help". Choose Word Help from your computer. Close the dialog box.

2014-08-04 07:15:42



Thanks for that, it works on 2007, but do you have the same for 2013, please?


2014-05-01 20:51:27


Is it possible to get an offline spellchecker for Word 2013?

2014-02-27 16:56:28

Martin Kunz

is there any possibility to get (dwonloaded or other way) the help files for Word 2013? I have got the program, but there is nothing to read when I am going offline. Where are the help files stored, in program folder?

2011-11-17 07:18:18

Dr Pam Miller

Thanks for this info re Off-line help. I never knew!

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