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Word makes it easy to search for information in a document with the Find and Replace feature. Search for information like text, character codes, and breaks quickly using the Find method. The following tips will have you searching like a pro in no time.

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   Find and Replace in a Column or Row
Need to search for information in a table? Word allows you to easily limit your search to an entire column or row, as described in this tip.

   Ignoring Accented Characters in Searches
When writing in non-English languages, there can be many variations of accented characters that are used in a word. You might want to search for the word in a way that the accented character is ignored. Word sort of allows you to do this, if you just modify how you do the search.

   Quicker Multiple Replace Operations
Need to replace a lot of the same characters very, very quickly? Here's a great way to do the replacement.

   Replacing Text with a Graphic
The Find and Replace feature in Word provides you with some powerful tools you can use to process a document. One such tool is the ability to replace text with graphics. This tip demonstrates how easy this type of editing is.

   Searching for ASCII and ANSI Characters
Need to get down to the "character level" when searching for information in a document? Word allows you to search for any ASCII or ANSI character you want, as described in this tip.

   Searching for Breaks
Word allows you to insert different types of breaks in your text that help control how your document is paginated. If you want to search for those breaks, use the technique described here.

   Searching for Multi-Byte Hex Codes
Need to find a character for which you only know the hex code? There are a few ways you can search for the information, as detailed in this tip.

   Searching for Special Hyphens
Word allows you to use a couple of different types of hyphens in your document, each with a different purpose. If you want to use Find and Replace to locate those hyphens, you'll want to note the special searching codes you can use.

   Searching for White Space
White space permeates our documents and sometimes you'll need to search for that white space. Word makes it easy to select this special class of information through the use of the Find and Replace feature.

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