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When creating content for the Web, you will often use a word processing program to edit the text. Word is totally compatible with publishing text to a Web page. The following articles discuss Word's Web capabilities and how you can prepare your documents for a Web page.

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   Adding a Background to Your Document
Document backgrounds come in handy if you plan on converting the document to a Web page. Here's how you can add a background of your choice to your document.

   Saving a Document as a Web Page
Want to save your document as a Web page? It's easy to do in Word; almost as easy as saving your document normally.

   Searching with a Different Search Engine
In some versions of Word, if you right-click on some text, you have the option of searching for that text with the Bing search engine. If you want to use a different search engine, you'll appreciate the information in this tip.

   Setting Web Fonts
If you intend to generate a Web page from your document, you need to be concerned with the fonts that Word will use. Here's how you can specify the fonts that you prefer.

   Specifying Monitor Resolution
When using Word to create content that will end up on the Web, it is helpful to know the probable screen resolution of those who will be viewing your information. Here's how to specify that resolution within Word.

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