Drawing Objects

Word includes a selection of shapes and lines you can easily insert to define areas of your document and enhance the page design. These articles explain what you can insert from the shapes palette and the many ways you can edit a shape once it is in place.

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   Always Printing Drawing Objects
Add a bunch of drawing objects to your document, and you may wonder how to make sure they all appear on a printout. How you handle it depends on the version of Word you are using.

   Changing a Shape
Got a drawing shape you previously added to a document, but you now want to change to a different shape? You can change shapes at will, using the techniques described in this tip.

   Creating a Drawing Object
Word documents can contain more than just wordsâ€""they can also contain drawing objects such as lines and simple shapes. Word provides an easy way to add such objects to a document.

   Drawing Lines
Lines are one of the most common graphic elements to be added to documents. Here's how you can add the lines you want.

   Filling A Drawing Object
Creating a drawing object can be just the first step in putting together your masterpiece drawing. This tip explains how you can fill the object with a color of your choosing.

   Flipping a Drawing Object
Place a drawing object in your document, and it doesn't have to stay that way. You can flip a drawing object in either of two directions, as discussed in this tip.

   Grouping Drawing Objects
Drawing objects are easily added to a document. You can group these objects so they are easier to manage by following the steps in this tip.

   Moving Drawing Objects
When you need to move a drawing object around your document, you use the mouse after you select the object. This tip shows how you can make the move.

   Rotating a Drawing Object
You can add all sorts of drawing objects to a document. Once placed, you can then rotate them to your heart's content. This tip explains a couple of ways you can perform the rotation.

   Sending Drawing Objects to the Back or Front
Drawing objects can be placed in a document in such a way that they overlap with each other. If you want to arrange those drawing objects, you can do so by moving them around. Here's how.

   Understanding Fill Effects
Want to fill a drawing shape with more than just a color? Word allows you to use all sorts of fills, as described in this tip.

   Using Connectors with Shapes
If you add shapes to the drawing canvas, you can use connector lines between those shapes. Here's how to add them to your drawing efforts.

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