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Removing Blank Pages at the End of Your Document

by Allen Wyatt
(last updated May 12, 2016)


When you print out your document, you may notice that a blank page or two prints out at the end of the document. If this is the case with your document, chances are good that you have a bunch of empty paragraphs at the end of your document. Even though you can't see them on the screen (normally), they are there and take up extra space.

To delete the empty paragraphs, simply press Ctrl+End to go to the end of your document. Then press the Backspace key until you have deleted all the non-printing characters (such as empty paragraphs). You can tell when you are done by the position of the insertion point. If it is located next to the last character you want printed in your document, you are done deleting.

If you want to see the empty paragraphs that are at the end of your document—before you delete them—you can instruct Word to display non-printing characters. Just click the Show/Hide tool on the Home tab of the ribbon; it looks like a backwards P. When the tool is selected, you can see all the spaces, paragraphs, tabs, and other characters in your document—all the characters that normally don't show up on your screen. This can be very helpful for figuring out why something doesn't look quite right in your document.

WordTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Word training. (Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) This tip (11851) applies to Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Word here: Removing Blank Pages at the End of Your Document.

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What is 9 - 7?

2017-03-27 09:26:58


We have files that contain description pages and form pages, each with their own margins. We have to use section breaks between each. If there is a blank page at the end, we simply turn the ending section break into a continuous section break (you can't delete it because then the margins from the following section change the previous one).

2017-03-26 16:47:30


Nice. Worked like a charm.

2017-02-16 07:11:08


Thnk you very much for your co-operation

2016-10-30 14:23:36



2016-08-17 12:36:48

Mark Holmes

Mabel's advice on how to remove that frustrating blank page was SO helpful! It worked like a charm. I was going nuts until I saw her post. Thank you, Mabel!

2016-05-13 09:34:35

Eileen Lis

I've also found that a blank page could be caused by a section break at the end of the document. Before deleting the break, it's important to make sure all the page attributes are the same; otherwise, the attributes after the section break will become the norm for the pages before if the break is deleted.

2016-05-12 17:27:04

Surendera M. Bhanot

A couple of things you can do to get rid of the extra blanc [age at the end of the document:

01. put the cursor after the last character of the document, press ^+end and the press delete. All extra pages will be vanished.

02. If having table at the end of the doc, reduce the font size in the table and re adjust the column width to accommodate text in lesser space.

03. Adjust the upper/lower/left/right page margin to accommodate the flowing over text on the last page.

04. Trying refusing the the size of the font by 1/2 points of the entire text in the document to accommodate text and to eliminate the last blank page. This could even adjust a paragraph on the preceding page to eliminate last page.

05. reduce the line space to single line or even less (say 0.9 or 0.8). Also reduce the inter-character space.


06. if the last blank page refuse to go away anyway, accept it increase the line spacing, character spacing, reduce margins, increase font size to enable the next flow over to the last page, eliminating the problem!!!!

2016-02-04 18:43:04

Dominyc Saint


2016-01-04 16:56:58


I can't get rid of the last blank page of my document. The header and footer are there, and there are no spaces - I've deleted eveything. The last space to be deleted to eliminate the page will not go away.

2015-12-26 04:54:05

jane precones

thanks :)

2015-12-15 02:44:17



2015-11-02 02:31:46


Hey! Thanks a lot.

2015-09-13 12:37:22


I hit control end and it took me to a spot on the second page but will not backspace.

2015-05-20 10:21:18


Thank you Thank you Thank you

2015-05-15 04:03:39


Thankyou very much..........

2015-04-24 14:23:08


Thank you SO much! I tried numerous suggestions from different websites and this was by far the easiest to understand... it worked! :)

2015-04-23 11:31:03


I've created a table in Word 2010 which contains a blank last page. I've tried to reduce the row size immediately below the last table row, but still have a section break after the table before the blank page. I've tried adding a blank row at the end of the table and deleting the section break. While that removes the blank page, it totally messes up the table format. Any suggestions?

2015-03-31 04:13:37

Isuba Carol

Very helpfull

2015-03-29 08:17:31

Chito Sarte

Thank you very much for the tip. It save me a lot of time.

2015-03-27 07:53:46


I searched google & youtube for 2 whole days trying to delete blank pages at the end of my Word docs (Appendices). None of the solutions offered, including show / hide option, seemed to work. Although I could print out and physically omit the blanks, unfortunately I was also required to collate my entire thesis so it could go onto the web. I couldn't have blank pages in the merged document. The solution I found was to convert the Word doc to pdf and then delete the blank pages through:

2015-03-03 14:47:40


Thank you Peter Buxton, you saved the day for me as well!

2015-02-23 06:01:25

Laura Stoltz

Thank you Peter Buxton. You were a great help!

2015-02-17 06:04:49

Peter Buxton

If a table is the culprit, yes reduce the following pilcrow to 2, even 1 pt, but also remove all empty rows in the table and/or reduce the row height slightly. Works for me.

2015-02-16 15:21:17

Christina Spike

Everytime I use IE11 blank page comes up. How do I remove this blank page?

2015-02-09 11:30:06

Nkonde Jorge

Very helpfull indeed

2015-01-02 13:36:23


Thank you "Oh Mighty Tech Guru" :0)

2014-12-31 05:07:42


Thank you for your help.

2014-12-16 09:48:56


I too work with the non-printing characters turned on. It is easier to edit others documents and see when there is a problem in formatting. Learning to use the features of Word formatting makes your work much easier in the long run.

2014-12-09 23:24:39


@Mabel Thanks so much, that is what I was having trouble with. Tables are often my detriment.

2014-12-01 14:45:40

The King

Awesome. A 10 year old problem killed. ;)

2014-11-22 13:41:10


Mabel - great tip - I was struggling with the 'required' paragraph after a table - the 2pt font idea was genius - thanks

2014-10-17 16:10:18


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your tip. Now I able to to deleted the blank page in the word.

Once again really thank you

2012-12-05 11:12:55


thanks Mabel, that really helpted! That is what I had to do, because it was from the tables on my resume. Perfection!

2012-07-03 09:25:24


If the last thing in your document is a table and you're having this problem, you won't be able to remove the last paragraph right after the table. What you can do is change that paragraph font size to 2 points and your extra blank page might then dissapear.

2012-07-02 04:27:09


I always have the option on to show non-printing characters. I find it is useful to check that tabs are used rather than multiple spaces to ensure things line up correctly (especially in other people's documents that I have been asked to fix) and of course to tackle blank pages popping up. Should be the default.

2012-07-01 10:36:49


Thank you! I cannot begin to tell you how many documents I have an extra unfilled page, and have resigned just to putting the blank page(s) back into my copy machine.

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