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Since the purpose of using Word is often to create a printed page, it may be convenient for you to work in Print Preview mode. There are a few settings you should be aware of when using Print Preview. Learn about viewing and editing documents in Print Preview with the following articles.

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   Editing in Print Preview
Long-time users of Word who make the switch to Word 2007 may be wondering how to do some of the tasks they took for granted in previous versions. If you are used to editing while in Print Preview mode, here's how to make sure that you can also do it in Word 2007.

   Multi-Page Print Preview
Many users rely on Print Preview to show them what their printout will look like. When using Print Preview, you aren't limited to viewing a single page at a time. The techniques in this tip will have you viewing multiple pages in no time.

   Shortcut Key to Make Print Preview Active
Print Preview can be a great way to work with your documents. Getting to a usable Print Preview, however, can be difficult if you only want to use the keyboard. Here are some ideas to help you make the process much easier.

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