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Object links are useful in Word to create active references that update as the source does. Learn how to take advantage of this simple tool to link information between documents and how to handle object links once they are in place with the following articles.

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   Accessing the Source of a Document Link
If you have information linked into your document, you may want to display the source of that linked information. Word provides several ways you can access the source, as described in this tip.

   Breaking a Document Link
Word allows you to link external information into your documents. If you no longer need to maintain the active link, you can easily break the link by just a mouse click or two.

   Changing Document Links
If your document contains links to information in other documents, you can modify the source document that it is linked to without actually getting rid of the link. This is done by using the Links dialog box, as described in this tip.

   Updating Automatic Links
Normally, Word updates links within your document when you first open the document. If you don't want Word to do this, you can configure the program to forego the update.

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