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Word includes a powerful tool for working with tables in your documents. There are a few different ways to approach creating a table in Word. Learn how to get the best results out of your table before you even start working on it with the following articles about creating tables.

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   Creating a Table Using the Keyboard
Want to easily add a table to your document simply by typing a few keystrokes? Here's how you can do it in one easy step.

   Creating Tables with Specific Column Widths
Create a table and Word figures out column widths by dividing the horizontal space by the number of columns you want in the table. You can use this feature to your advantage when creating tables by applying the simple technique described in this tip.

   Drawing a Table
There are several ways you can create tables in a document, but one of the most unique (and perhaps most fun) is to simply draw the table on-screen. This tip explains how you can do just that.

   Quickly Inserting Tables that Don't Go From Margin to Margin
Adding a table to your document is easy. Adding one that doesn't extend from margin to margin may seem a bit harder. Here's a way to easily add just such a "narrow" table.

   Rounded Table Edges
Tables can be a great addition to many documents, as they allow you to arrange and present information in a clear and concise manner. Sometimes, however, tables can look downright boring. One way to make them look a bit better is to round the outside edges of the table, as described in this tip.

   Tables within Tables
Inserting a table in a document is easy. Did you know that you can also insert a table within another table? Word allows you to easily nest your tables, as described in this tip.

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